November 09, 2015

How to Dismantle Two Venerable Behemoths in only 50 Seconds

In a manner of speaking, that is. Fifty seconds, that’s the time it takes to view a time-lapse video shot at Adelphi University—although we admit, it took a bit longer than that to shoot!

From April to June 2015, an Ecosystem team took apart two gigantic hot water boilers dating back to World War II.

The operation was necessary to make way for four new boilers designed to heat the facility way more efficiently—and we accomplished it, but just in the nick of time. The cold weather can now descend on Long Island!

The start of the video shows workers tackling the boiler stacks with their blowtorches. Next we see inside the boilers and the myriad tubes that once carried hot water. At 53 seconds the left boiler’s burner is gone. After cutting the door into several squares, the room is cleaned out.

The video documents a page in the “mechanical” history of Adelphi University. By next spring, thanks to the new boilers and a cogeneration system, the institution will save $1.6 million in energy costs annually.

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