June 30, 2016

Celebrating Teamwork at Saint-François d’Assise Hospital

On Ecosystem’s projects, collaboration and teamwork can be found everywhere, from construction sites to picnic sites.

We’ve reached the halfway point on our project at the Saint-François d’Assise Hospital, and we brought out the barbecues to celebrate. On June 22, Ecosystem invited everyone involved in the project to come out for a picnic: the building operations team, department heads, directors, and tradespeople working on the project. Eighty-five people attended, a testament to the excellent teamwork and participation that everyone has demonstrated during the project.

A barbecue on a sunny day is a great way for people to build bonds. The next day, a meeting with several department heads kicked off with a particularly friendly atmosphere.

This type of activity is a good reflection of our integrated approach to project delivery. A collaborative dynamic is a key ingredient for project success. We know that technical solutions are improved and worksites run more smoothly when every team member’s knowledge is valued. Having a shared understanding of the project also fosters everyone’s acceptance of the work and encourages cooperation between all players.

Project highlights

The work began in summer 2015 and includes a number of major upgrades: a steam to hot water conversion of the heating system, heat recovery, a lighting upgrade, and new ventilation systems. There are two measures that will especially stand out for those who use the buildings: improved cooling capacity, and eliminating the constant overheating of spaces by replacing around 400 steam radiators with water radiators. Problems with comfort levels will be a thing of the past.

The work will be finished in spring 2017. This will cut the hospital’s energy use by 33% and lead to 23% savings on energy bills.

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