June 06, 2016

Is Combined Heat and Power the Answer?

While many New York institutions have made the decision to invest in combined heat and power (CHP), others hesitate, despite the profusion of public money available to support on-site generation. Experts on two panels will discuss the history and future of CHP in New York State, and the diverse reasons institutions have decided both for and against implementation.

A Frank Discussion of the Merits and Limitations of Cogeneration

Venue: Adelphi University, Garden City, NY. Dixon Lovely Ballroom of the Ruth S. Harley University Center, second floor.

Participants: Colleges and universities, hospitals and nursing homes, local utilities, and energy efficiency funding sources


8:00 am – Welcome Remarks

  • Timothy P. Burton, Senior Vice President and Treasurer, Adelphi University
  • Jason Kramer, Vice President, Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities
  • Thomas G. Bourgeois, Deputy Director, Pace Energy and Climate Center
  • Andre Rochette, President, Ecosystem

Panel 1: CHP in New York State: What Have We Learned So Far, and What Are Future Trends?

Join us for a 30,000-foot view of the CHP market. We will look at the overall experience of end users and learn from past mistakes and successes. And we will turn toward the future, investigating the drivers and value streams that CHP has to offer and ways to overcome barriers to implementation. From incentives to policies, this panel will highlight all the essential trends decision-makers need to know before committing their institutions to heading down the path to cogeneration.


  • JP Drouin, Design Engineer, Ecosystem


  • Thomas G. Bourgeois, Deputy Director, Pace Energy and Climate Center
  • Joanna Moore, NYSERDA
  • Michael Voltz, PSEG Long Island
  • Jennifer Kearney, Executive Partner & Founder, Gotham 360

Panel 2: Is CHP Right for Us? A Look at the Decision-Making Process for and against Cogeneration

After the high-level view from policymakers, join us to hear from the institutions themselves why CHP has or has not been the right solution for their needs. Decision-makers from both finance and facilities departments will take you inside the discussions on their campuses to review what made the difference for their teams.


  • Katherine Kluefer, Ecosystem


  • The Financial Case: Timothy P. Burton, Senior Vice President and Treasurer, Adelphi University
  • The Case for Decentralization: William E. Kirker, Long Island University
  • The Case for Planning: Establishing a Baseline: Thomas Goldsmith, St. John’s University
  • The Case for Resiliency: Jeff Hogan, Montefiore Health system

11:00 am – Walk-through of the new Adelphi CHP plant with Robert J. Shipley, Assistant Vice President of Facilities

12:00 – Lunch Provided for all Attendees

By Reservation:  Small table lunch with Timothy P. Burton, Senior Vice President and Treasurer, Adelphi University

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We look forward to seeing you!

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