June 25, 2024

Lantic’s decarbonization project featured in Energir’s Informa-Tech.

Like many in the industrial sector, Lantic Inc. (producer of granulated sugar, icing sugar, brown sugar and liquid sugar, specialty syrups, and sweeteners) sought to increase its efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Facing the challenge of heat recovery from its processes, it leveraged Ecosystem’s expertise to devise innovative solutions tailored to its needs.

Energir (Quebec’s largest natural gas distribution company) recently published an article about the project in their blog/newsletter, Informa-Tech. Here is a summary.

Efficient Heat Recovery Partnership: Cutting Gas Emissions & Costs

Through analysis and implementation, Ecosystem successfully identified two heat-recovery strategies, improving process efficiency and significantly reducing natural gas consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Ecosystem’s partnership with Lantic extended beyond technical solutions; collaborating with Énergir’s DATECH team, we ensured the optimization of available subsidies, maximizing the project’s financial benefits. This comprehensive approach aligned with Lantic’s sustainability goals and showcased the transformative impact of strategic energy management.

Ecosystem is proud to have played a role in advancing Lantic’s journey towards decarbonization! 

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