October 16, 2023

Ecosystem’s Andre Rochette Featured in Les Affaires

Recently, the Quebec-based media outlet Les Affaires  featured an exclusive interview with Ecosystem’s founder, Andre Rochette, as part of a comprehensive spotlight on energy efficiency. The article, accessible in French, delves into Ecosystem’s mission to revolutionize energy systems for their clients, leading to enhanced efficiency, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and improved occupant comfort. Ecosystem’s focus lies in identifying optimal strategies to curtail energy waste, yielding significant positive impacts for our clients. Notably, Ecosystem’s initiatives have resulted in a remarkable 50% to 80% reduction in GHG emissions, accompanied by a notable 30% to 50% decrease in energy expenses upon project completion.

In discussing the broader landscape, Rochette highlights a prevalent issue within the construction industry where professionals often lack incentives to prioritize energy efficiency during the design phase, leading to a lackluster emphasis on energy conservation. Despite this, he acknowledges a positive trajectory in the business sector, spurred by a growing awareness of energy consumption. Rochette points to an encouraging trend in corporate consciousness and action, particularly in response to mounting carbon market expenses and stricter regulations. Notably, in Quebec, financial incentives further bolster companies’ inclination to invest in energy-efficient building projects.

With a robust market backing their endeavors, Ecosystem envisions substantial untapped opportunities across North America to achieve ambitious decarbonization objectives within the built environment.

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