July 14, 2020

Letter to My 200 Colleagues

For Ecosystem, and especially for our team in Human Resources, reaching the round number of 200 employees was an incredible milestone. For the occasion, Michelle Bellerose, Senior Director, Talent and Culture at Ecosystem, addressed this letter to all her colleagues. This letter was shared on LinkedIn.

A few days ago, we reached a round number at Ecosystem: 200.

While we have 200 employees, I prefer to say 200 colleagues, a better testament to our friendship, our collaboration, our team spirit.

Here we are, 200 passionate individuals with fire in our hearts, 200 creative people who are changing the world, one building at a time. While I am personally very proud of this, there is also reason to be collectively proud of this accomplishment. Each colleague participates in Ecosystem’s growth and brings a unique contribution.

Two hundred colleagues is a huge milestone for us. And the best thing about a milestone is surpassing it so we can reach the next one. Going the extra mile is in our DNA! In other words, we already have our eye on 300!

If reaching this step is important, so too is the path taken. And our path is paved with determination, collaboration, commitment, vision, ambition… and patience. Here again, this is cause to celebrate.

Over the past few weeks, our path has also been paved with resilience. The pandemic arrived, quite the obstacle to face. But we rose to the occasion. It was out of the question to leave anyone in a lurch, or let excellent candidates get away, or stop recruiting. In a time of crisis, the future depends on our driving force: our colleagues.

All of them have shown incredible commitment. Whether by maintaining activities on the work sites and integrating important safety measures, managing the crisis head-on, overcoming the challenges of teleworking… they all stepped up. It’s thanks to such committed people that we’re still sailing full steam ahead. From the bottom of my heart, I thank them.

The crisis spares no one, affecting our personal and professional realities. When faced with adversity, we must not go it alone. As much as we can count on the commitment of these 200 people, they can count on ours. As André Rochette, CEO of Ecosystem, often says, “It’s all about our people.”

Relying on talent has always served us well at Ecosystem. Recruiting continues today, and there are more of us than ever before. We are 200 people building the Ecosystem of tomorrow.

Thank you all for being here, for being creative, courageous, ambitious, for forging ahead and innovating. And welcome to those who have joined us in these past few weeks, in the midst of turmoil. You have dared and risen to the challenge! Bravo!

Soon we’ll be 201, then 202, 205, 210… To those of you who are not yet our colleagues, why not get in on the experience? There are plenty of opportunities!


(I confess the title of this letter should have said 199 colleagues, since as the author, I shouldn’t have included myself. But you have to admit that 199 in a title does not sound as good as 200!)

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