October 04, 2018

Olympic Park and UQTR: AEE Awards for Performance and Innovation

Montreal’s Olympic Park and Trois-Rivières University (UQTR) were both recipients of awards from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). Presented in October 2018 in conjunction with the World Energy Engineering Congress, these awards recognize excellence and innovation in energy projects. Ecosystem is proud to have contributed to these achievements.

Selection criteria included reductions in energy consumption and costs, as well as innovation, improved operating efficiency and effective energy management.

The projects at Olympic Park and UQTR have impressive results. The numbers speak for themselves:

Beyond energy savings

The positive outcomes go far beyond energy savings. Here is a glimpse of the other benefits of energy performance projects.

Asset maintenance

The electromechanical equipment at UQTR and Olympic Park was aging, making it complicated to improve energy efficiency and operate the buildings. Reengineering with a whole-systems approach, rather than simply replacing equipment, led to numerous outcomes:

  • Addressing deferred asset maintenance
  • Eliminating risks related to operating outdated equipment
  • Achieving improved energy performance

Teams focused on operational efficiency

The energy performance projects have changed the daily work of the building managers and operating staff. Now that they can count on systems that are reliable, intelligent and simple to operate, their focus has changed: instead of anticipating problems, they can concentrate on fine-tuning and optimizing the systems. This has led to rewarding professional experiences and improved operational efficiency.

Financial performance

Along with reductions in energy costs, there are additional financial benefits to energy performance projects. Maintenance, repair and operating expenses all drop with the installation of high-performance equipment that is efficiently operated. This is a welcome benefit for any organization, as it frees up funds that can be invested elsewhere.

Recognition, visibility, and environmental responsibility

UQTR and Olympic Park have boosted their environmental profiles. With buildings now equipped with innovative technologies, GHG emissions have been cut by more than half, an impressive feat that furthers their reputations as environmentally responsible organizations amongst clients and the public. Public sector entities often have objectives in their strategic planning to improve their environmental footprints, and in the case of UQTR and Olympic Park, they have both reached their targets.

Congratulations to UQTR and Olympic Park for their initiative and long-term vision.

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