project leap
February 07, 2024

Project Leap Takes Aim at GHG Emissions 

To cut GHG emissions in half in just three years on the downtown St. George campus, the University of Toronto has launched Project Leap, an ambitious decarbonization project. Ecosystem is proud to be a partner in the first phase of this trailblazing initiative.

The aggressive timeline and bold target are not the only challenges – location brings its own complications. The St. George campus is in the heart of Toronto, serving more than 100,000 students, faculty, and staff in a combination of heritage and modern buildings.

Project Leap will begin phasing out natural gas in favor of electricity in the campus’s central steam plant and carry out deep energy retrofits to some of the most energy-intensive buildings. Measures include electrification, heat recovery, and energy efficiency, as well as geo-exchange. Electrification measures will cut fossil fuel use for heating by 75 percent, while heat recovery will reduce energy use by more than 40 percent. Added to this, much of the campus will be connected to one of Canada’s largest geo-exchange systems.

Taken together, the measures will make it possible to dramatically reduce the campus’s greenhouse gas emissions, calculated at 91,000 tonnes last year, by more than 50 percent by the end of 2027. To learn more about Project Leap’s bold plan, click here.

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