April 29, 2019

RCC Students Use Ecosystem Project to Learn Green Building Principles

Ecosystem’s energy efficiency project at Rockland Community College is achieving more than energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions – it is also serving as a live learning opportunity for students at the college.

Olivier Matte, director of technical communications, and Seth Koczerginski, design engineer, were joined by Eric Foote, RCC’s facilities director, to talk to a lecture hall full of engaged students about the project, followed by a visit to the new combined heat and power plant, where the students were able to get an up-close view of the new equipment.

The event was organized by Katherine Copp Brown, Instructor of Green Building Technology at RCC. “Students at RCC are gaining 21st-century skills when they take Sustainability and Green Building classes. They will be in a great place to drive the transition from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy. The RCC Energy Efficiency project is an excellent demonstration of the new technologies that will lead us to a more sustainable world,” she said.

In addition to explaining the environmental imperatives of the project, the Ecosystem engineers addressed the core principles behind the design and gave a clear introduction to the technologies that are achieving results for the college, including enhanced comfort and energy and cost savings.

“At Ecosystem, we are committed to being long-term partners to our clients, and that means becoming a member of their community and contributing to their core mission, in this case education,” explained Matte. “Besides, we are enthusiastic about what we do and love sharing our knowledge with students.”

Project details, including timelapse videos of new equipment installation and an energy savings dashboard, are also displayed on RCC’s website.

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