June 02, 2021

Recognition at the Building Energy Challenge 

The Building Energy Challenge is a four-year competition whose goal is to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in commercial, institutional and multi-residential buildings across Quebec. Each year, BOMA Quebec recognizes the participants with the greatest reductions in energy consumption in their categories.

Centre for Sustainable Development in Montreal

With a 35% reduction in energy consumption, Ecosystem’s project at the Maison du développement durable (MDD/Centre for Sustainable Development) was recognized in the Office and Retail Buildings category.  As part of this project, Ecosystem improved the energy performance of a LEED Platinum NC (new construction) certified building. The project reduced energy consumption by 35% and GHG emissions by 90%. Occupant comfort was improved, and the aging geothermal network was renewed and improved. This project has also been recognized by ASHRAE.

The Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital at the Lanaudière Integrated Health and Social Services Centre

With a 15% reduction in energy consumption, the Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital project won first place in the Healthcare category. The project carried out at the hospital, which is part of Lanaudière Integrated Health and Social Services Centre, reduced GHG emissions by 32%. The Centre is taking advantage of the energy savings to finance deferred maintenance, simplify operations and improve the comfort of the facilities.

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