February 10, 2016

Solving the Cogen Installation Puzzle – Adelphi U’s Cogen Arrives

Sometimes installing massive equipment is like completing an intricate puzzle. This was the case with the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant being installed at Adelphi University, which will help the university reduce its annual energy bills by $1.6 million.

On December 18, 2015, a team of Ecosystem engineers, Adelphi University facilities managers, and contractors gathered in Woodruff Hall as a crane lowered the new 1.99 MW CHP – weighing 25,000 lbs – into the basement mechanical room. In preparation, the existing opening to the building had been enlarged to its maximum size, which still left only one inch of clearance around the CHP engine.

And it went in smoothly – thanks to meticulous planning and dedicated teamwork, the rigging was successfully completed in a matter of hours.

Why lower a huge piece of equipment into a basement through a (relatively) small hole? Because figuring out the layout of a boiler room is like doing a puzzle, and sometimes the boldest solution is the best one. A campus like Adelphi’s needs major equipment, which has to be installed in existing spaces in a way that leaves access for maintenance and upgrades and also meets code compliance. It is also more convenient for Adelphi’s engineers to have all their equipment in the same location, which means a remote location was not the right choice for the campus. Locating the CHP in Woodruff Hall’s basement was the best solution for the campus, and Ecosystem’s engineers knew they could overcome the logistical challenges.

The next step for the CHP is the installation of an enclosure to provide sound abatement. To maximize space efficiency, this enclosure will be strong enough to support some equipment on top of it. In the following weeks, piping for the heat recovery system as well as ductwork, chimney, electrical, and controls installation will take place before the CHP is commissioned.

The new CHP is one of many measures implemented by Ecosystem at Adelphi University, as part of a larger $13.5 million energy efficiency project.

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