September 22, 2017

Two of Ecosystem’s Specialists at the WEEC

Two of Ecosystem’s NYC-based engineers are going to be speaking at the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Atlanta this September. The largest energy conference and technology expo in the US for business, industrial, and institutional energy users, WEEC brings together experts focused on energy efficiency, optimization, and sustainability.

One of Ecosystem’s Mechanical Systems Optimization Engineers, Israa Ajam is going to be talking about functional test development. Because budgets can be tight, some commissioning providers turn to functional test templates. She’ll be looking at the risks associated with their use, and will provide tips for writing customized functional performance scripts. Using in-field examples, she’ll look at testing methods and the precautions you should be taking during functional testing.

“This presentation is geared toward multiple audiences,” said Israa. “It’s relevant for building owners wanting to get the best value out of their commissioning, engineers ensuring that systems are operating per design, and building operators wanting effective functional performance test templates for recommissioning and maintenance.”

Israa will be speaking at 3pm on Wednesday, one of the speakers in Track F, focusing on Energy Services, in Building-Cx-2.0.

On Thursday morning, Dan Leonhardt, Ecosystem Design Project Engineer, will take the microphone to break down two AEE award-winning projects to identify common factors for success.

He’ll be analyzing the development process for two successful integrated energy performance projects: Mount Sinai Beth Israel Brooklyn Hospital reduced energy bills by 39%, and the Montreal Biodôme nature museum reduced its energy bills by 52%. Certainly, innovative technical solutions were key, but there was an underlying approach that inspired project success, summed up in three ideas: commitment to achieving ambitious performance targets; continuous collaboration with the client; and contractual accountability for delivering results.

“What are some best practices for creating a great design and then properly executing construction to maximize returns? That’s a question we all ask ourselves,” said Dan. As part of his talk, Dan will address the potential for steam to hot water conversion, client collaboration, and stakeholder alignment.

You’ll find Dan during Track D, as part of a session called Common Practitioners to Energy Gurus: A Journey of Milestones.

WEEC is taking place on September 27-29, 2017, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. You can learn more at We hope to see you there!

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