June 30, 2014

World Bank Affirms what Ecosystem has Known for Twenty Years

A study recently published by the World Bank demonstrates that taking action against climate change has major socioeconomic benefits. Adopting pro-environmental policies can boost the economy, create jobs, ensure continued growth, increase competitiveness, as well as save lives and slow down climate change. For André Rochette, the president and founder of Ecosystem, this comes as no surprise. “For 20 years we’ve developed our business on the principle that the environment is good for the economy.”

Even if the study confirms what André Rochette has already learned through experience, the numbers that back it up are welcome. According to the study, if policies for emissions reductions were adopted worldwide, the global annual GDP growth in 2030 could range from $1.8 trillion to $2.6 trillion, along with a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by 8.5 gigatons of CO2-equivalent. These figures, announced by a leading institution in global economics, lend credibility to Ecosystem’s discourse about the economic performance of energy efficiency projects.

For André Rochette, the study has another strong point: the energy efficiency of buildings is considered to be just as important as the transportation and industrial sectors. “It’s an idea whose time has come. This is the result of efforts from organizations like the Rocky Mountain Institute who have been promoting the economic potential of energy efficiency in buildings for decades.”

A study being published by the World Bank is only a first step. Governments will still need to take initiative and act upon the recommendations. Though as André Rochette mentions, “Most importantly, the environment needs to become a priority for the public. When citizens put the environment first, it will become the priority of our governments.”

“Climate change poses a severe risk to global economic stability” cautions Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank, “but it doesn’t have to be like this. At the World Bank Group, we believe it’s possible to reduce emissions and deliver jobs and economic opportunity.” At Ecosystem, we’ve understood this for 20 years, and are constantly working to innovate in this niche market that is steadily becoming more and more mainstream.

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