Waste to Energy

Ecosystem believes that waste materials should be revalued as resources. We are working on solutions that derive energy from final waste that is otherwise destined for landfills or incineration.

Gasification is a process that produces a fuel source, syngas, by subjecting waste materials to high temperatures with little oxygen. Gasification provides a fuel source that can be used in place of fossil fuels and proves to be advantageous both ecologically and economically compared to traditional waste management.

Biomass is a renewable resource that can generate substantial savings in regions with ample access to wood residue and little access to natural gas. Ecosystem was one of the first companies to implement biomass in energy performance projects in Quebec and now do so across North America. We also assist our clients in selecting biomass suppliers and negotiating favorable supply contracts.

At Barry Callebaut, North America’s largest chocolate maker, Ecosystem installed a custom-built biomass boiler beside the factory to burn waste cocoa husks to produce steam, powering the chocolate production process without additional natural gas purchases. Each year, this biomass boiler reduces the factory’s GHG emissions by 2,649 tons and produces 462,833 therms of heat, keeping 6,324,302 pounds of cocoa bean husks out of landfills and reducing natural gas consumption, emissions, and disposal costs.