Incentives Management and Guarantees

In total, Ecosystem procures an average of $10M each year in incentives on behalf of our clients, and we contractually guarantee that the amounts will be delivered.

Being familiar with incentives programs and developing optimal strategies for obtaining funds has a significant impact on reducing the final project cost for the client. That’s why Ecosystem established a committed and efficient team that is exclusively dedicated to managing incentives applications. This team is involved in each of our projects from start to finish.

Our incentives team monitors the market and is constantly on the lookout for new programs, funds and tax credits for energy efficiency projects. This information is then passed on to our business development team, which makes our clients aware of the various programs available and the benefits they can provide. We also maintain close ties with organizations to encourage them to provide subsidies that promote energy efficiency.

When developing proposals, our design engineers work in close collaboration with our incentives specialists to ensure that the project design will be eligible for the maximum amount of subsidies possible, all for the benefit of our clients.

Once we have been selected to implement a project, we manage every aspect of the incentives application process on behalf of our clients, from filing the initial applications to the moment the client receives the funds. We have excellent relations with various funding agencies and extensive knowledge of the market, meaning our clients can rest assured that we respect the terms and conditions of every program.