Technical Training

While the electromechanical equipment we install is highly efficient and technology is becoming increasingly automated, nothing replaces the keen sense of the operations staff to extract the full potential of the new systems—hence the importance of offering comprehensive training for operators.

At Ecosystem, we train the operations staff on all of our projects.

Our two main objectives are:

  1. Involve the staff in the project and create a collaborative partnership that will enable us to meet and exceed the project’s performance targets.
  2. Transfer all the knowledge necessary to understand and operate the new systems.

Ecosystem invests significant effort in training operations staff because they play a key role in achieving successful results. Since we guarantee project performance, it is in our interest for operators to have every tool they need to optimally run the equipment and give the best of themselves when operating the new systems. We collaborate closely and share our motivation for performance and innovation so that the staff themselves become key players for attaining optimal energy efficiency.

Our technical trainers are energy efficiency experts, and they all have teaching and relational skills that facilitate knowledge transfer.