Your partner for the energy transition

Ecosystem is committed to the energy transition and making progress toward an environmentally responsible energy future. As an integrated engineering and construction company specializing in energy projects, we have a dedicated role to play helping our clients along the path to carbon neutrality. Our holistic approach to projects in the built environment, combined with our proven expertise in delivering meaningful energy savings, sets us apart and enables us to develop measurable and achievable decarbonization programs.

Ecosystem will reduce its emissions in line with the Paris Agreement: We have started building the framework to be able to report and reduce our emissions. Ecosystem is committing to reduce its measurable emissions as per the protocols established by Science Based Targets.

New projects will be greenhouse gas (GHG)-neutral or reduce it: As leaders and innovators, we want to use our collective knowledge and experience to power and accelerate the Energy Transition. The outcome of our projects must be aligned with that objective.

We are inspired to rework the built environment for efficiency and sustainability.

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