Your partner for the energy transition

Ecosystem is committed to the energy transition and making progress toward an environmentally responsible energy future. As an integrated engineering and construction company specializing in energy projects, we have a dedicated role to play helping our clients along the path to carbon neutrality. Our holistic approach to projects in the built environment, combined with our proven expertise in delivering meaningful energy savings, sets us apart and enables us to develop measurable and achievable decarbonization programs.

The energy transition is ongoing. We are all working in the context of an evolving legislative and regulatory landscape. At the same time, new technologies emerge that promise incrementally faster progress. Our design teams operate in today’s market, keeping a close and careful eye on what’s coming next. As we collaborate with our clients, our goal is to uncover solutions that maximize outcomes achieved over the long term – with the lowest possible emissions.

For our own part, we are committed to reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement, targeting a 30% reduction over five years.

We are inspired to rework the built environment for efficiency and sustainability.

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