Collaborating to Understand Your Energy Ecosystem

Existing buildings are full of opportunities to improve energy efficiency. While individual and routine energy conservation measures do result in energy efficiency, ultimately these incremental measures reach considerable roadblocks and diminishing returns.

To achieve significant energy efficiency outcomes, an integrated, holistic and collaborative approach is required – one that builds upon your facility knowledge. A customized approach that takes advantage of interactions between components, systems and environments is a gamechanger since it digs deeper, uncovers hidden opportunities and provides transformative results.

For best outcomes, the energy ecosystem approach does not stop at the building itself. The entire environment is considered and folded into the design – the supply and energy infrastructure, district energy, financial incentives, landscape and capital renewal needs are all addressed for an optimized design.

An approach that addresses the entire energy ecosystem goes far beyond energy management to maximize your potential desired outcomes:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Asset Renewal
  • Cost Savings/Avoidance
  • GHG Reduction
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Tenant Comfort
  • Operational Resiliency
  • Community Awareness