Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Commercial real estate leaders are always looking to increase their return on investment. In a competitive market, increasing profitability is key, whether it’s by reducing energy-related costs, repositioning buildings, or achieving environmental certifications. Ecosystem designs projects with these types of outcomes in mind.

Financial Performance

CAPEX and OPEX optimization

Reliable energy budget reductions

Enhanced NOI and asset value

Operational Efficiency


Asset renewal

Streamlined control and operations


Tenant comfort

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

Environmental certification

Ecosystem’s integrated and collaborative approach drives us to uncover any hidden potential in your buildings.

We Approach Energy Differently

We build partnerships with all stakeholders, from building management to owners and investors –we want to understand your building and how it fits into your portfolio. Leveraging the knowledge and skills of all participants is the only way to achieve superior results, ensuring our project is aligned with your goals.

As a partner, Ecosystem can guarantee outcomes at all project stages: not just top-line financials (costs, incentives, and savings) but also work schedules and other measurable performance metrics. Our guarantees remove the operational and financial risk typically associated with complex energy projects.

All Ecosystem projects have been completed in live buildings, and we have an exceptional level of expertise dealing with the logistical, safety, and security challenges of working in occupied spaces.

Selected Clients: