Many hospitals are struggling to cut costs but face the need to undertake essential capital projects:

  • to optimize patient care and comfort
  • to implement aggressive energy and conservation measures
  • to renew aging capital assets
  • to enhance redundancy / resiliency.

With our in-depth understanding of maintaining operational integrity in critical care facilities, Ecosystem provides long-term solutions for the challenges confronting healthcare management teams. In critical environments, we deliver complex engineering projects on time and on budget, while mitigating construction risks and improving conditions for the delivery of quality care.

Occupant safety and comfort — and uninterrupted operability — are our primary concerns. This focus has been the driving force behind the design of our implementation process in sensitive environments like hospitals.

Sensitive and live environments

Ecosystem has performed comprehensive whole-building projects in 130+ buildings in healthcare facilities, allowing us to develop an extraordinary expertise in working in sensitive environments. Our engineers constantly focus on patient safety and the dedicated healthcare environment throughout design and implementation. Work is carried out following strict protocols for preventing infection spread. 

During the design phase, implementation is carefully phased to avoid disruption. Whenever possible, new systems are installed while the existing systems remain operational, and equipment start-up takes place at lower demand times.

Resiliency and energy independence

Our high-value solutions address resiliency and energy independence needs. We enhance the redundancy of the heating / cooling network and electrical systems while diversifying their sources of energy. Ecosystem designs and implements on-site energy generation systems such as cogeneration, allowing healthcare facilities to reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions and increase resiliency. These improvements are a meaningful advantage for critical-care facilities, which must provide a place of safety and security for their communities during large-scale emergencies.

Complex assets

Complex assets demand complex solutions. With our focus on deep retrofits, Ecosystem has meaningful experience working on complex and inter-related systems that need to be 100 percent reliable. We have a strong background in extensive heating and cooling network re-engineering; with steam to hot water conversions in district energy systems; and with converting stand-alone or high-temperature systems to lower-temperature district energy systems.

We focus on cutting through the complexity – we create financially viable solutions that take advantage of available incentives and guarantee savings that can be used to fund deferred maintenance.