Healthcare executives and facilities professionals must manage a complex medical facility with ever-growing demands and increasing budgetary constraints.

Ensuring a hospital delivers uninterrupted, 24/7, durable and resilient operations requires adhering to asset renewal best practices—while maintaining uncompromising health and safety standards. Facility professionals are also expected to deliver on corporate responsibility goals including sustainability targets and reporting.

Ecosystem’s in-house team designs and implements engineer-led, outcome-based construction projects. Our focus: delivering your desired outcomes as we tackle inefficiency and create strategies that simply work.

Operational Efficiency


Intelligent asset renewal

Operating cost savings

Patient Experience

Health and safety

Improved patient care


Environmental stewardship

Enhanced public image

Renewable energy implementation

Living building experience

Our approach follows the medical credo of “Do no harm.” Our energy professionals are trained and highly experienced in working in “living environments.” This means strict adherence to risk management protocols, and no service delivery interruptions or patient disturbance.

Working together, our design engineers, controls specialists, incentive specialists, construction managers and community awareness specialists deliver transformational results that go beyond energy management:

  • Patient comfort
  • Resiliency and redundancy
  • Community support
  • Maximized grants and incentives
  • Dramatic GHG emission reductions
  • Enhanced hospital reputation and employee satisfaction

Uncovering hidden value in existing infrastructure

Our specialists are set apart by deep training in delving into a hospital’s entire interconnected electromechanical infrastructure. This uniquely equips them to uncover hidden value and opportunities. We address your entire deferred maintenance backlog—looking much further than straight one-to-one equipment replacement.

The outcomes you and your hospital stakeholders seek determine how a project develops. We guarantee the results, and we stand by you from project conception to construction and follow-up.

The success of our approach, expertise and relentless pursuit of outcomes is reflected in our track record of award-winning solutions customized for healthcare facilities: