Higher education

Building and maintaining a campus that is safe and resilient – and that promises to meet the evolving needs of students and faculty – is a complex responsibility. Ecosystem’s experience in the education market is deep, so we understand the challenges you face on campus every day – and our engineers create solutions for the problems we hear about most often:

  • Deferred maintenance backlogs outweighing capital budgets
  • Campus expansion straining existing systems, transformers, and utility connections
  • Incompatible heating and cooling systems across campus
  • Escalating energy costs
  • Ambitious sustainability targets

Ecosystem can help you to balance asset renewal with expansion projects. We provide turnkey work with performance guarantees that allows campuses to manage major equipment replacement even while other expansion construction projects are underway – and can generate savings that can help you to fund further improvements.

Directional master plans

On many campuses, building equipment has been replaced over the years in a piecemeal fashion, resulting in incompatible systems. Under these conditions, it very difficult to construct a long-term, cost-effective plan to meet future demand and save energy.

Ecosystem can collaborate with you to create a directional energy master plan – a business plan, not just an audit. Together we can create an outline that is flexible enough to evolve with changing campus needs but focused enough to provide a road map to greater energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction. The goal is to develop a strategy that can be implemented in phases to meet energy targets – but that also achieves near-term savings, which allows you to fund on-going equipment renewal needs.

Deep energy retrofits

As campuses continue to expand, electric loads and energy demand grow as well. Deep energy retrofits create conditions for meaningful energy savings.

On a large campus, improving efficiency by even 10 percent may not register noticeable cuts on utility bills. With our deep energy retrofits, based on a holistic view of campus facilities, we target a 30 percent drop in energy consumption, leading to meaningful savings. Our experience has taught us that the energy consumed at the point of use represents only a fraction of the energy produced at the central facility, and a deep retrofit project needs to consider the high losses involved with existing district systems. Our proven expertise in steam to hot water conversion and cogeneration allows us to provide extensive heating and cooling network re-engineering with a focus on cost-effective solutions.

Experience in occupied buildings

Today’s campus is active and occupied 365 days a year, posing a challenge when planning major engineering work. Aligning our work with the continued use of “live” and sensitive buildings is second nature for Ecosystem when planning the implementation process. All Ecosystem projects have been completed in occupied buildings, including universities and schools, office buildings, and critical-care hospital facilities that require uninterrupted operability and specific conditions. This experience has allowed the company to develop an exceptional level of expertise dealing with the unique challenges of complex and restrictive work environments.