Your plant is an energy ecosystem that offers numerous opportunities to increase productivity, reduce waste, save costs and meet sustainability mandates. In fact, the more complex the energy ecosystem, the greater the opportunities.

Plugged into your industry, our specialist team of design engineers and construction managers delivers innovative solutions that help unlock hidden value in your plant. We’ll work with you to find optimal ways to reduce your operating costs and produce more for less – making your current operations less wasteful and more efficient.

The energy you use can provide powerful leverage to achieve your objectives:

Financial performance

Reduced operating and energy costs

Improved production costs

Maximized subsidies and incentives

Operational efficiency

Increased production capacity

Improved operations and maintenance

Occupational health and safety

Environmental performance


Reduced GHG emissions

Controlled water consumption


A collaborative results-based approach

  • An outside perspective of your infrastructure helps identify opportunities for eliminating inefficiencies.

  • Closely collaborating with your team leads to optimal solutions for your plant.

  • We manage and maximize financial incentives to increase your project’s returns.

  • We commit to results through contractual performance guarantees.


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Several projects have been completed by Ecosystem and others are currently in progress in various industrial sectors. Our industrial references can be provided upon request. Contact us: Ontario | Quebec | New England | New York