Many school boards and school districts are struggling to address significant deferred maintenance and fund ongoing capital improvement projects.

Energy performance projects offer a perfect solution. School districts can leverage funds from energy savings to pay for, underwrite, or invest in projects, including infrastructure, upgrades, or operational initiatives.

Ecosystem values deep building engineering to deliver concrete energy savings and operational reliability for the long term. Our energy-efficiency initiatives offer rewards far beyond the physical assets considered for improvement – they create optimum conditions for student learning and well-being.

The conditions for districts to implement asset renewal and energy efficiency initiatives are favorable now – new technologies, new incentive programs from local utilities, and the advantages of the natural gas market will allow school districts to implement projects that will generate real long-term savings and benefit young learners for years to come.

24/7 buildings

Today’s schools are busy seven days a week, from early in the morning until late in the evening, bustling with students and sports and community groups. Aligning our work with the continued use of “live” buildings is second nature for Ecosystem when planning the implementation process.

All Ecosystem projects have been completed in occupied buildings, including schools that require uninterrupted operability. This experience has allowed the company to develop an exceptional level of expertise dealing with the unique challenges of such work environments. In our planning process we phase in work so that we do not disrupt student learning or community activities.

In-house teams

We don’t use outside contractors to build a long list of measures. Instead, our in-house teams focus on optimizing the value of your capital project. Experts in design, incentives, construction, and commissioning work together with your district personnel to develop a plan that is financially responsible and can achieve near-term savings to fund asset renewal.

Guaranteed savings

Ecosystem guarantees the savings we propose. We conform to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and recommend utilizing Option C utility bill energy savings guarantee to measure post-implementation energy savings. Option C provides a guarantee for the total energy savings of the building. These savings are based on the actual utility bills – not a calculation – and real savings must be achieved through a reduction in total consumption on the bill.

Ecosystem can take on this additional risk and deliver on the guaranteed savings by leveraging our time-tested integrated energy efficiency expertise.