Municipalities and local authorities

Energy efficiency in public buildings is proven to increase local authorities’ energy security, generate cost savings and reduce carbon emissions.

The design and execution of energy performance contracts requires a specialized team with a deep understanding of the municipal sector. Ecosystem’s experience with integrated energy performance contracts in more than 50 municipalities drives our approach to energy efficiency projects. A whole-building methodology and comprehensive understanding supports our delivery of deep energy performance projects (over 30% energy bill reductions) that also:

  • solve immediate issues around capital renewal and deteriorating infrastructure
  • address financing needs
  • consider long-term and day-to-day operations
  • enhance occupant comfort

Whether an administrative building, sports center or purification plant, our objective is simple: design, build, optimize and guarantee superior performance-based energy projects. Click here to learn more about Ecosystem’s integrated delivery model (IEPC) and its benefits.

Maximize financial benefits

To maximize the financial value of energy performance projects, Ecosystem is committed to a valuation based on net present value (NPV). The intent is to provide our municipal and public infrastructure clients with the most transparent and accurate bid criteria for estimating the lifetime cost / benefit.

The NPV shows the difference between a project’s financial benefits and costs. It accounts for the full combination of project costs, annual savings and subsidies, useful lives of the equipment, the interest rate on the loan and the rate of energy inflation.

Click here to learn more about NPV and its benefits.

One-stop shop for superior delivery

Ecosystem’s collaborative approach brings together all the project stakeholders to harness the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results. To support this collaborative approach and maximize the project’s outcomes, Ecosystem’s in-house energy professionals work with our clients to deliver on all the phases and activities throughout the project. Our “one team” approach ensures that designers and construction engineers are working together to maximize energy savings. The unified team works closely with our in-house incentives professionals, trainers and measurement professionals to provide our clients with seamless project execution.