Municipalities and Local Authorities

Providing a quality environment for citizens and/or tenants is a must for municipalities and municipal organizations. As energy costs rise and infrastructure ages, it becomes a challenge to ensure services are delivered safely and continuously. Municipal managers are also responsible for implementing sustainability initiatives that enhance public reputation and image.

Energy efficiency in municipal buildings is proven to increase energy security, generate cost savings and reduce carbon emissions. Ecosystem’s in-house team designs and implements engineer-led construction projects that eliminate inefficiencies and achieve other outcomes that matter to you.

What you want to achieve determines how a project develops:

Financial performance

Maximized ROI

Reduced maintenance costs

Maximized subsidies and incentives

Operational Efficiency


Asset renewal

Alignment with energy plans and programs


Citizen satisfaction/comfort

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste and energy

Enhanced public image

Solutions customized for your public environment

We collaborate with you to identify and fully understand your needs. Our integrated team of design engineers, construction managers and energy professionals then works together to deliver transformational results that go beyond energy management.

The outcome—solutions tailored to your municipal facility, the people who use it, and your community’s energy plans and programs. We guarantee the results, and we stand by you from project conception to construction and follow-up.

Our experience includes recreation centers, administrative buildings, museums, libraries, social housing and waste water treatment plants, among others.

Uncovering hidden value in existing infrastructure

Our specialists are set apart by deep training in delving into a facility’s entire interconnected electromechanical infrastructure. We know where to look to uncover hidden value and opportunities to improve redundancy and resiliency, reduce operating costs, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

And we do this while addressing your entire deferred maintenance backlog.

The success of our approach, expertise and relentless pursuit of outcomes is reflected in our track record of award-winning solutions for the municipal market.

Selected Clients: