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Ideas for the industry December 12, 2023

Energy/Carbon Assessments for Commercial Property Transactions

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Ecosystem provides an actionable energy infrastructure assessment to potential buyers and sellers of value-add commercial buildings, with a turnaround that will fit your due diligence window or sales cycle. The assessment will identify measures to decrease operating costs, increase NOI, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to plan smart short- and long-term capital expenditures.

Our integrated engineering and construction team effectively builds reliable energy and cost plans to enhance the financial models and vision of current or new ownership. And these plans can lead to projects that achieve your transaction goals.

For buyers, the assessment will supplement the Property Conditions Report performed by the owner’s engineer/consultant. Deliverables include evaluation of energy obsolescence risk over the hold term and project options and associated metrics to be incorporated into pro formas. With this insight, you can obtain funding for upgrades through the first mortgage, avoiding mezzanine lending, and will provide significant value to your evaluations during the due diligence period — before it is too late. When a project is pursued, Ecosystem guarantees energy savings and the energy infrastructure upgrade costs that will increase the value of your property, mitigating the risk traditionally associated with such OPEX reduction measures.

For sellers, the report will identify projects that can increase valuations, providing metrics that refine sales strategies and asset positioning. Deliverables include an actionable assessment with OPEX savings and cost for potential paths of improvement and emissions reduction. OPEX savings will be contractually guaranteed when a project is pursued.

Targeted Costs:

  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Oil
  • Maintenance
  • Carbon-Related Fines
  • Water
  • Asset Renewal

For more information, please contact:

Adam Shelly

Project Development Director


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