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Real Estate leaders need results now, not just reports.

Commercial real estate leaders are always looking to increase their return on investment. American cities are rapidly moving toward decarbonization. With regulations like Local Law 97 in New York City and BERDO in Boston pushing for reductions in emissions, commercial real estate leaders and co-op boards alike are facing the need to modernize their building energy systems.

Up until now, reports and audits have not translated into the implementation of decarbonization retrofits. Providing a single point of contact, Ecosystem collaborates with you to design and deliver projects that cut GHG emissions while also increasing profitability, reducing energy-related costs and fines, and achieving environmental certifications.

Our expertise in performance-based decarbonization projects was recognized by NYSERDA, when we were appointed as the Technical Advisor to the Empire Building Challenge, working with some of the largest building owners in NYC to broaden the expectations of what energy retrofits can accomplish.

We Approach Energy Differently

We achieve results by building partnerships with all stakeholders, from building management to owners, investors, and residents – we want to understand your building and how it fits into your portfolio. Leveraging the knowledge and insight of all participants is the only way to achieve superior results, ensuring our project is aligned with your goals. We act as your single point of contact from project inception to construction.

Whether you’re an office or multifamily building owner or a co-op board, we contractually guarantee that you will achieve your specific goals. This applies not only to top-line financials (project cost, incentives, and savings) but can also apply to the construction timeline and other measurable performance metrics such as GHG reduction. Our guarantees remove the operational and financial risk typically associated with complex decarbonization and energy projects.

All of our projects have been retrofits in occupied buildings. This experience has allowed the company to develop an exceptional level of expertise dealing with the logistical, safety, and security challenges of highly sensitive, live environments.

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