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Partner for Your Sustainability Commitments

Leading universities and colleges challenge the status quo by pursuing transformational outlooks to energy management and related projects. They seek to showcase their leadership in education and their communities. To achieve these goals, higher education institutions are focusing on operational efficiency and on demonstrating resolute commitment to carbon neutrality and the principles of sustainability.

Ecosystem’s team of specialists delivers award-winning solutions customized for the academic market. Our design engineers, construction managers, and energy professionals stand beside you from project conception to construction and beyond.

What matters to you and your stakeholders matters to us – supporting the needs of your energy ecosystem and ensuring a lasting and positive college experience.

An Integrated and Collaborative Strategy

On a majority of campuses, building equipment has been replaced over the years in a piecemeal fashion, resulting in incompatible systems. Under these conditions, it is very difficult to construct a long-term, cost-effective plan to meet future demand and save energy.

Our comprehensive whole-campus method takes on the complexity of developing a custom-tailored and lasting solution aligned with the sustainability and financial goals of key stakeholders. We measure ourselves by outcomes – performance, budget, and schedule.

Uncovering Value in Existing Infrastructure

In fact, we are motivated to do what’s best for each client’s campus, avoiding the all too common “rip and replace” procedure. Instead, we find hidden value in existing infrastructure. We thrive in “live campus” environments respecting the student experience and the logistical, safety, and security challenges involved in a campus retrofit.

We collaborate with our higher education clients to develop a directional energy master plan – a business plan, not just an audit. We create an outline that is flexible enough to evolve with changing campus needs but focused enough to provide a road map to greater energy savings and GHG reduction.

The goal is to develop a strategy that can be implemented in phases to meet energy targets – but that also achieves near-term savings, which allows you to fund ongoing equipment renewal needs.

Our clients recognize us as trusted advisors with the proven know-how of a team specializing in the design and implementation of energy solutions for campuses across North America.

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