André Rochette

Founder and Chairman


André founded Ecosystem in 1993 in response to the need for new, bolder solutions for optimal energy infrastructure. Andre has always believed that everything can and should be more efficient — not just buildings and energy systems, but also the project delivery approach and collaboration with clients. This is the foundation he built the business on, integrating engineering, construction, and commissioning to focus on delivering the results clients seek. Now, with offices in Canada and the U.S., the company is respected for its ambitious solutions that help clients advance the energy transition and improve their bottom line.

Today André actively ensures that Ecosystem remains true to his vision as it moves into its third decade of growth and innovation.

André is frequently called upon to advise commercial and governmental leaders on the economic and environmental impacts of the energy transition.

Lynne McArthur

President and CEO

lynne headshot cropped

Lynne McArthur has the primary mandate of scaling Ecosystem’s operations across North America to deliver the company’s guaranteed outcomes of value and efficiency. She is invested every day to make sure that our people — employees, clients, and partners — have an exceptional experience with our company.

Leadership in the context of organizations undergoing significant change has marked every stage of her rich professional journey. She is an exceptional dot-connector and problem solver who has been accountable for getting results in high-pressure environments over the last three decades in a diverse range of sectors. She is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario.

Sylvie Barbeau

Senior Project Director and Lead to Scale Project Delivery


A natural leader always ready to take on new challenges, Sylvie has the mandate to continuously improve the firm’s efficiency and accelerate the development of operational synergies.

When Sylvie joined Ecosystem in 2005 as a design engineer, she quickly revealed her business acumen and management skills, leading to positions as a construction manager and then a project director for both Canadian and U.S. projects. Experienced in large multi-building projects, including hospitals and school districts, she is highly attuned to client needs and the importance of minimizing construction impacts.

Thierry Desjardins

Vice President, Technical Development

Thierry D

Thierry Desjardins has progressed through many roles at Ecosystem since 1998, from design engineer to project and operations manager and head of talent and culture. Thierry leads our technical recruiting and development efforts, knowledge management, and subject matter expert teams.

Early on in his career, Thierry sought out people who made strong connections between theory and practice. With this goal in mind, he has developed hiring and training methods that match current and future employees with the challenges that are tailored to them. Thierry believes it is crucial that Ecosystem’s engineers evolve professionally and have enriching work experiences.

Etienne Frenette

Vice President, Business Development


Etienne leads a dedicated team focused on the firm’s expansion in the U.S. and Canada. With a client-first mindset, he works closely with stakeholders to build a foundation for success across all regions and markets.

Etienne’s expertise in building and managing technical business development teams from North America to Asia yields win-win outcomes. He is a seasoned executive with in-depth field experience and know-how about doing business in a multicultural environment.

Nathalie Lachance

Vice President, Talent and Strategy


Nathalie joined Ecosystem in 2020. She brings to the team over three decades of experience in the financial and professional services industry driving change to increase internal efficiency and enhance client and employee experience.

Nathalie stands out for her passion for engaging people around a shared vision and her ability to structure teams that generate the most value by tapping into individuals’ true strengths. She leads multidisciplinary teams focused on client acquisition, talent, and brand alignment across all of our offices and markets.

Stéphane Michaud

Vice President, Innovation and New Markets

Stephane M

Stephane plays a pivotal role at Ecosystem in promoting creative ideas to accelerate the energy transition. He has led Ecosystem to develop its expertise and design bolder energy solutions. Steam to hot water conversions and biomass operations are among the large-scale, transformative projects he has contributed to across various sectors and multiple geographies.

An active proponent of energy efficiency R&D, Stephane has represented Ecosystem as a member of the T3E Industrial Research Chair in Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency. He serves on the board of directors of CRIBIQ, a research and innovation consortium for industrial bioprocesses, including biogas technologies.

J.S. Provencher

Vice President, Projects and Finance


Jean-Sebastien joined Ecosystem in 1994 during its start-up phase. A highly versatile contributor, he has developed expertise in every aspect of the company’s projects, including design, management, optimization, and measurement and verification. He deploys his in-depth understanding of engineering data to accurately forecast the financial feasibility of new projects. Drawing on his extensive tenure with Ecosystem, he adds to the ongoing improvement of the firm’s practices.

Patrick Raby

Vice President, Client Relationships

Patrick R

Patrick has held many roles focusing on customer and business development. He believes each client should be a reference to ensure the growth of the company. To achieve that goal, he works to exceed clients’ expectations through mutually beneficial outcome-based contracting. His expertise and passion inspire others; he now coaches and mentors business development and project managers so that they can reach the same high standard.

With a solid understanding of the market’s social and economic features and his commitment to understanding the needs of clients, Patrick has actively contributed to Ecosystem’s success since its inception in 1993. He previously worked for major pharmaceutical and energy companies.

Gabriel Teyssedou

Senior Project Director


Gabriel spearheaded the company’s drive into the tri-state region. A proactive leader, he has channeled his enthusiasm for energy and commitment to results into the firm’s expansion, developing and implementing key projects in commercial real estate and higher education. Gabriel is also leading our ESG initiatives across Canada and the U.S.

Before joining Ecosystem, Gabriel studied mechanical engineering, including a year at Tec de Monterrey in Mexico City. He earned a master’s degree in applied science at Concordia University, where he developed a mathematical model of energy simulations for ice rink refrigeration systems.

Richard Tremblay



Richard is an energy-efficiency pioneer whose mentorship of young designers has shaped the firm’s unique engineering culture. Driven by a passion for innovation, he has contributed significantly to the evolution of Quebec’s energy systems design. Richard has an intuitive ability to evaluate energy infrastructures and discern their potential for improvement. His work has proved its effectiveness in over 150 hospitals, schools, commercial, and municipal buildings.

While guiding Ecosystem’s flourishing growth, Richard continues to scour the globe to discover the most effective techniques and solutions for energy-efficient buildings.

Our regional managers

Terry Irwin

Senior Optimization Specialist and Regional Manager, Ontario

Terry E

Terry is responsible for optimizing building automation systems (BAS) efficiency, building performance, and interior comfort levels. In addition, he advises and collaborates with the design engineers and construction managers from project start to finish.

Terry’s passion for service excellence and his technical expertise make him an invaluable resource for client support, including technical training and troubleshooting. Before joining Ecosystem, Terry delivered optimized BAS from concept to client hand-over, in addition to mentoring junior technicians.

Ben Milbank

Senior Project Development Engineer & Regional Manager Mid-Atlantic

Benjamin M, Couleur_01

Ben brings insight into the true value of potential projects to Ecosystem clients. Delving into each client’s institutional needs and goals, he crafts and evaluates energy solutions closely aligned with their objectives. He fosters collaborative environments to ensure complete stakeholder engagement throughout the Ecosystem project development phase.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Benjamin came to New York City to study for his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University. At Columbia, Ben was a Business School Social Enterprise Fellow, where he developed several energy efficiency projects for local churches and community centers across the city.

Stephen Caudill

Senior Construction Engineer and Regional Manager, Midwest


Stephen has over a decade of experience working on highly innovative, multi-building capital projects. Starting his career in the plant, Stephen has a strong dedication to safety and maintainability, priding himself on delivering projects to clients that simplify maintenance.

Having operated in a range of sectors – from healthcare facilities, sporting arenas and residential complexes to school districts and universities – he applies a comprehensive perspective to each project, allowing for creativity in finding solutions.

Stephen is passionate about solving complex problems in challenging environments, such as improving existing infrastructure with limited resources. In addition, he is active from pre-sale to the end of the detailed studies, so he considers the entire picture, including the client’s needs and what Ecosystem can deliver throughout each process.

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