July 22, 2021

Ahead of the Curve – International Tailoring Company Building Coop and Ecosystem

Habitat Magazine has profiled an Ecosystem project at International Tailoring Company Building, a 13-story coop building near Union Square. Confronted with issues common to many older buildings – temperature imbalances, aging infrastructure, and looming LL97 fines – the board turned to Ecosystem for help.

“We went on a fact-finding mission to find out what their needs and goals were,” says Jaime Pereira, Ecosystem’s senior business development manager. “We developed a roadmap – a preliminary assessment – that gave them three options. We brainstormed, and the client guided us to the project that was the most attractive.”

The project – involving heat pumps with supplementary gas boilers for the coldest days – will eliminate LL97 fines through 2050 and give residents control of heating and cooling in their apartments. “This way, we’re setting ourselves up for a cheaper, more energy-efficient future. A better future,” Eric Einstein, president of the coop board, told Habitat Magazine.

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