May 02, 2014

Energy Experts Attended Round Table to Discuss Deep Energy Retrofits

In partnership with the Consulate General of Canada in New York City and Green Light New York, Ecosystem Energy Services hosted a round table earlier this week to discuss ways to overcomechallenges in current building retrofit practices, with special focus on the Integrated Energy Performance Contracting (IEPC) model. The round table was centered on a white paper entitled Integrated Energy Performance Contracting (IEPC) in Building Retrofit Projects, which showcases the benefits of the IEPC model and includes case studies and insights derived from Ecosystem’s two decades of hands-on experience in deep energy retrofits.

Over twenty energy professionals from a multitude of organizations, including the New York City Department of Buildings, the New York Power Authority, and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, convened and shared feedback on the IEPC model.

Participants concurred that IEPC is an innovative model for energy efficiency in building retrofits. This model can generate the highest project value, i.e. highest energy savings and lowest construction costs, and create a better market for stakeholders. At the same time, educational and promotional activities are necessary to inform stakeholders of the proven benefits of IEPC. Jean Bouvrette, Head of Technical Services at Montreal’s Space for Life, presented the case study of the Biodôme, where the IEPC model was applied. The project achieved $1.1 million in annual energy savings, the equivalent of a 50% reduction in energy bill.

Participants also mentioned the need to share standard RFP documents under IEPC to gain deeper insights into how the model can be adopted by the marketplace.

We appreciate the feedback from participants and look forward to continuing the conversation.

For the full list of participating organizations and the round table’s agenda, please click here.

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