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Toronto Zoo

  • Energy and water cost savings
  • Enhanced animal and plant welfare
  • Asset renewal
  • Simplified operations
  • O&M cost savings

Creative Environmental Savings

The Toronto Zoo, Canada’s largest zoo, is home to over 3,000 animals from more than 300 species, attracting 1.2 million visitors annually. In 2018, the Zoo discovered that much of its energy-related capital infrastructure was reaching the end of its useful life and was in need of an upgrade. This proved to be an opportunity as the Zoo is able to drive environmental stewardship through reduced energy and water consumption by renewing the capital equipment, reducing energy and O&M costs at the same time.

Ecosystem’s team designed a steam-to-hot-water conversion for the Zoo’s Americas Pavilion that not only will increase comfort levels throughout the building but will also allow for a reduction of 162 tonnes of CO2e of GHG emissions. The new hot water heating system will provide maintenance savings and simplify facility operations.

A new solid waste filtration system, which drains and refills the Pygmy and River hippo pools daily, will save 19,138m3 of water annually — equivalent to 7.5 Olympic swimming pools.

Customized Performance Measures

Water conservation

Steam-to-hot-water conversion

Project Period
Guaranteed Annual Energy Savings
Guaranteed Water Savings
Project Value
Payback Period
10.1 years
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Municipalities and Local Authorities

Increase Energy Security, Generate Cost Savings, and Reduce Carbon Emissions. Providing a quality environment for citizens and/or residents is a must for municipalities and municipal organizations. As energy costs rise and infrastructure ages, it becomes a challenge to ensure services are delivered safely and continuously. Municipal managers are also responsible…
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