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University of Toronto – Project Leap

  • Path to climate-positive by 2050
  • Natural gas consumption reduction
  • Renewable energy implementation
  • Modernization of energy infrastructures

An inspiring and ambitious decarbonization initiative

The University of Toronto (UofT), Canada’s largest university, is currently the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter in the Ontario public sector. To turn things around, UofT launched Project Leap (Low Emissions Accelerator Program), a large-scale energy and environmental initiative that will cut its St. Georges Campus net emissions by more than half. This project is funded in part by the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB).

To achieve such an ambitious target, a deep energy retrofit is required at the urban campus in downtown Toronto. In addition to replacing gas-fired boilers with electric units, UofT had to completely rethink energy production, distribution, and consumption, integrating innovative heat recovery and geothermal technologies into its design.

Developed by Ecosystem and its partner to help UofT uncover as many opportunities as possible, the measures – once implemented – will reduce net GHG emissions by 48,738 tons of CO2. Project Leap clearly establishes a benchmark for decarbonization projects in higher education and is sure to inspire other institutions.

Customized Performance Measures

Installation of electric boilers (30 MW)
Installation of high and low-temperature heat recovery heat pumps
Lighting conversion
Lab ventilation optimization
Demand management control
New thermal energy distribution
Integration of an existing geothermal field

Project Period
Funding from CIB
Total Savings
Net GHG Reduction
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